About Texlima

Texlima was founded in 1986 with the firm intention to revolutionize the industry of textile wholesalers with exceptional customer service and inspiring products. From the beginning of this Quebec enterprise, the clients and their needs have always been the priority.

"Our mission: helping our clients to realize their projects with our products, services and expertise."
Frédérik Guérin - V.P. Operations

At the beginning, Texlima was specialized in textiles only. The company managed to grow and took on several opportunities in order to become this enterprise of today.

Opening of the textile division
Opening of the commercial division
Opening of the Decor division
"Our values made us able to grow and evolve with our clients. We owe the success of our expansion to good communication and the ties we developed with our partners."
Mario Petit - President

Textile division

Whether you are a fashion designer, small or big manufacturer, couturier or owner of a boutique, Texlima aims to become your trusted supplier. With hundreds of thousands of metres in inventory and more than 1000 suppliers around the world, it is sure that Texlima will be able to help you realize your projects.

"The main goal of our team of buyers is to constantly adapt our inventory to the client needs. Also, if we do not have the right product, we will make sure to find it within our network."
Catherine Gosselin - Director of operations

Commercial division

We observed the needs of our clients to find all of the project stakeholders; that is how our commercial division was created. Indeed, Texlima has set up a network for suppliers, manufacturers and experts in order to guide our clients from A to Z in their projects.

  • Embroidery
  • Confection
  • Cloth printing
  • Flameproofing
  • Textile research
"I love how the Texlima team takes charge of our personalized projects. Besides expert advice about the right textiles to use, they coordinate the production and personalization for a perfect result."
Marie-Hélène Pouliot – Vert-Glacis

Decor division

Wishing to become a key retailer in the decor industry, while simplifying the work of boutiques, designers and representatives, Texlima established a team in 2012 and a bold plan.

  • 2012Texlima becomes the exclusive supplier of Canadian Drapery Hardware for Quebec and Atlantic provinces.
  • 2013Texlima launches the ready-made decor line, Allure
  • 2014Texlima buys a European importation decor textile line, Poly Selections
  • 2016Launching of the new concept for Poly Selections
"The most incredible part of the decor division of Texlima, is that a client can find several types of different products in the same place, which makes life easier. Order, transportation, invoice... this leaves more time for sales."
Lynsée Villeneuve - Representative